Sep 7, 2009

Carlton Isaac Reid

Second eldest son to Cliff Reid, Carlton has painted a very serious dreaming story. In the story a father would go hunting and when he got back his son would tell lies such as that his mother and he had eaten a fat goanna while the father was out hunting. He had been lying many times, so much that his mother punished him, taking him away from his fathers country to never return again. The white lines represent the tracks of the boy over the sand dune country. This story has similarities to 'the boy that cried wolf', but a more ancient telling of the tale.

Carlton is a contemporary young man reflected by his painting style. Innovative with technique, using thick, bold brush strokes opting for a 3 inch brush while maintaining the cultural colours and ochres used traditionally. This technique is descriptive of the power he wants to push forward in his art. He strips back all the details and the important aspects and the power of the story remains. Carlton was brought up with strong bush memories, growing up in the then young Blackstone community. He is 32 years old, educated in the Blackstone school and he is now a strong leader in his community with contemporary ideas and concepts to better his community. Carlton Reid is a contemporary painter while maintaining cultural knowledge and power handed down to him as the next generation Papulankutja artists.

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  1. Just wanted to say that my partner and I saw this painting at the Kate Owen Gallery in Rozelle/Balmain in Sydney last night 8th April.

    In a gallery full of wonderful works this was one of the standouts. So strong that, though it was not part of the main exhibition, we decided to take it home and live with it for a few days before deciding to buy. I don't think there is any chance that my partner will give this up now! A truly wonderful work and we can't wait to see more of the works not only from Carlton but from other artists in your community...Actually on our way to Birrung as soon as possible.
    Thank you,