Oct 11, 2009

Janet Forbes Images

Janet Forbes

Janet Forbes, daughter of Fred Forbes, the founder of the Blackstone settlement. Janet has been working with the natural colours, ochres and whites and her works come across with a sense of reverence for her country.  Hidden amongst the white tips of the spinifex grass you may make out a goanna, sacred obects, hunting tools, and special sites.  A circle depicts a claypan, the zigzags and squares make the ridges of the Blackstone ranges, other markings depicts the people gathering for a ceremony.  Blackstone is littered with purposeful places and hidden secrets.  Janet marks out these places, often 'rubbing out' an area and starting over if she is not happy with their placement, a true perfectionist.  A work is not complete untill it passes over Janet's discerning eye and when she is ready, she will set the knowledge free into the market place. Papulankutja's secrets are in safe hands with Janets watchfull eye.

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