Jan 24, 2010

New Year From Blackstone

Many thanks to everyone for such a successful Christmas sale.  40% of the proceeds went to the installation of two air conditioner units in our main painting rooms. If we didn’t have the support from happy customers, we would be very hot and bothered right now!

Many thanks to the ever resourceful Ben Fox from 'Wilurarra Creative'  previously known as 'Warburton Youth Arts' http://warburtonyoutharts.blogspot.com/   Thanks to Ben for helping install our shade cloth providing a courtyard painting space.  So far the structure has survived 2 storms and a cyclone!  This space will be receiving a full upgrade including wind breaks and flooring, but for now it is finally a usable working space out of the hot desert sun.

We have many new Galleries dealing with us this year, so all the hard work and promotion has paid off.  Chapman Gallery in Canberra and the Woolloongabba Art Gallery are showing group works in February! And are many more shows planned for the future.  This year will be Blackstone’s year!

Other exciting news is that Jimmy Little – the famous Aboriginal singer/actor – better known to our mob from his staring roll in ‘Return of the Boomerang!’ -  Apparently it was the first movie shown to the Mob in Warburton in the old Mission days! We are planning to have Jimmy attend this years Blackstone Arts festival to sing and play guitar, while supporting the cause of diabetes awareness and education for our kids. We have just begun initial talks and we will hope to lock in a date for May.

Our Artist have shown some incredible progress and this year the demand from galleries has really picked up – the bees knees in demand are shown in the promotional images on this blog and soon to be featured in our new website which should be up and running in the next few weeks. – We sure have a skillfull Mob here!

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